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Discover the real King Tut

Explore the story told by these priceless burial objects, and learn what science has revealed about King Tut’s life and death.

Don’t miss your last ever chance to marvel at the original priceless treasures of Tutankhamun before they make their permanent home in Egypt. Experience the unique wonder, opulence and artistry of over 150 stunning original artifacts, including 60 exquisite new treasures never seen before outside of Cairo.

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Book now to discover all the hidden treasures from King Tut

Take an extraordinary, immersive and multimedia journey through the life and afterlife of the legendary boy king, and feel the wonder and excitement of that famous moment the tomb was opened for the very first time in 3,300 years.

With more to treasure than ever before, the greatest discovery of all time is all yours. Book your tickets now before King Tut goes home forever.

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